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Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes_charrel at yahoo.com
Fri, 1 Feb 2002 12:10:40 -0800 (PST)

--- Cat Meier <fairestcat at hotmail.com> wrote:

> While re-reading I came across the following passage in _tVG_
<snip jump-and-tight-beam explanation>
> This got me to thinking.  What's to stop a particular planet from
> using a modified version of this method to speed up communications
> between its homeworld and off-world military/intelligence/diplomats.
> Scenario: encoded message is sent from Barrayar to an impsec courier
> of some sort in orbit, which carries it through the wormhole.  Said
> ship then tight-beam bursts the message, still encoded, to the
> impsec of military ship closest to the next wormhole, only carrying
> the message across system itself if their is no other ship available
> for it to beam to.  The process repeats until the last ship to
> receive the message contacts [the recipient],
<snip security consideration>

The only problem with this approach is the cost of maintaining your own
network of com-ships all over the nexus.
Each node-to-node link is very likely to have multiple jumps - you
would have to dedicate 5 ships (IIRC) just between Barrayar and Komarr.

Which is fine, as long as it is on *your* territory.
But what's the likelyhood of other powers allowing you to station
military ships along *every single route* in the Nexus?

There is apparently a commercial network (or patched together networks)
of com-ships that move data around the Nexus using the jump-and-beam
method, but it is clearly not trusted for confidential information. 

The fact that the Imperial Service has a whole section of couriers
dedicated to moving confidential data (Miles' new orders in BiA) across
the Nexus speaks against the existence of a military/ImpSec network
outside of Barrayar's direct sphere of influence:
Barrayar/Komarr/Sergyar, per Memory textev (Miles' birthday greeting)
and probably *one* "entrypoint" in each neighboring space (Pol,



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