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Fri, 1 Feb 2002 15:37:45 EST

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> is to listen to yourself and either raise objections or just plain get the 
> Hell out of there as soon as you think something's wrong.  Before you're 
> 'sure'. 

- good advice, on the whole; and I'm _not_ a pacifist.

Getting into a killing fight is not something one should do if there's an 
alternative, if only because you may lose.

As Elizabeth the First said on a mildly related topic, "I do not like wars.  
Their outcomes are never certain."

BTW, I helped teach a woman's self-defense class once.  

Our main problem was that most women were so oversocialized that they _could_ 
not hit or hurt someone, even in pretence or symbolically.  

We had to do a lot of de-inhibition training; or as we put it, "getting in 
touch with your Inner Thug".  Much "don't think about it, just throw the 
switch and do it".