[LMB] Military and Society

Bart Kemper bkemper at bigdogz.com
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 15:20:00 -0600

 > Quote for the day:
 > As the Ivy League schools ponder the idea of restoring on-campus
 >  ROTC programs dropped in the '70's they might wish to consider
 >  this:
 > "That (state) which separates its scholars from its warriors
 > will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting by
 > fools." - Thucydides, (Athens, 430 BC) 'The Peloponnesia'

Miles used the Dendarii (and ImpSec) as tools, coupled with his 
education--formal (school) and informal (family) -- to achieve 
various "good things."  Cordelia frequently commented on the Betan 
education, both technical and cultural, giving the Betans an edge 
when essentially they got their heads otu of their butts and were 

This touches on a lot of the earlier comments about coups, dismay 
that military members choose to vote (thanks for wishing us 
disenfranchised), whether officers knew of certain historical facts, 
etc.  Not picking on individuals, but the last US administration ran 
out the "warriors" from the military (and eventually *had* to use 
Shelton to save their butts) and packed their think tanks with those 
who were intellectuals with little practical military or business 
experience.  While some pretty good things happen domestically, the 
international side, esp. regarding the military, really took a 
beating and is still trying to recover.

Choosing not to use an application of available force because it 
wouldn't be effective is "restraint."  Not having the force 
available or not being able to use itis "weakness."  The first is a 
tool that can be used to achieve a goal....the second is an opening 
for others to take advantage of.   Of course, perception of one 
versus the other is what diplomacy (telling your side) and 
intelligence (figuring out their side) is all about, as shown in, 
well, just about ALL of the Miles books.