[LMB] Education (OT:)

Christine L. Forber christine at forber.net
Fri, 01 Feb 2002 21:25:55 -0500

At 07:47 PM 2/1/2002 -0500, David W. Levine wrote:
>There was a recommended style.
>The basic minimum was five paragraphs. An introduction, three primary
>supporting points and a conclusion. Each paragraph could be the
>same in style. One introductory sentance, then three sentances
>supporting your point, and a concluding sentance. 

Thank the teacher who taught you that!! I know exactly who taught me to 
write a good essay - similar format. Never had the chance to thank him 
properly. Must try to do so some day! The majority of students in the labs I 
supervised didn't have such training. Writing a lab report is even easier, 
since to a large extent you are guided by the procedure and the questions, 
etc in the lab manual. But even so, many couldn't do a competent job. Things 
may have changed in the nearly 12 years since I taught a lab. I hope so, but 
I doubt it.