[LMB] Education (OT:)

Natalie gnatg at bookcase.com
Sat, 02 Feb 2002 10:28:03 -0500

"David W. Levine" wrote:

> > >There was a recommended style.
> > >The basic minimum was five paragraphs. An introduction, three primary
> > >supporting points and a conclusion. Each paragraph could be the
> > >same in style. One introductory sentance, then three sentances
> > >supporting your point, and a concluding sentance.

> The basic structure of an essay ought to be second nature to anyone who's
> had a decent high school education. You need to be able to write essays if
> you want to show that you've learned history, literature, and as you point
> out, science.
> Of course, before you can do essay structure, you need to be able to start
> with decent paragraphs. Likewise, before you can write a decent paragraph,
> you need to have been forced to compose coherent sentances. Lurking behind
> those coherent sentances is the problem of having been taught how to
> write, and building up a decent vocabulary.

I am evil.  I am also picky with respect to written English.  When I was a
second-year medical student, we had class elections.  Rather than have debates or
platform speeches, the candidates for each office had to write up a one-page essay
and post it on the bulletin board outside the student lounge.  One of the guys
running for VP (I think), wrote a completely incomprehensible essay.  He was not a
very nice person, and I didn't like him.  So I took his paper down, corrected the
grammatical and spelling mistakes with a bright red marker, and hung it back up.
Lots of people saw it before he did, and he was faced with the choice of taking it
down, correcting it, and replacing it, or leaving it up there unchanged, or
printing another copy with the same mistakes.  Nobody ever knew it was me.  <weg>

When I was in college, I applied for a peer-writing-teaching-program.  I submitted
a 21 page paper I had written for a biology course.  It caused much consternation,
because the writing style was very different from usual liberal arts writing
style.  They actually had to call the prof to ask questions.  :-)  I did get

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