[LMB] OT:Long Hair....

Pam Gotcher pgotcher at cox.net
Sat, 2 Feb 2002 05:38:18 -0600

I've had the exact opposite happen.
A couple of times in my life I've colored my hair back to it's natural
dark brunette (I'm 1/8th Spanish and it show in the hair/skin), and
then gotten tired of it and decided to go back to my now natural color
of a very light silvered salt and pepper. Since you can't "undo" a
dark dye, I've had to cut my hair very short (1/2" on the top, 1/4" on
the sides) to do it and just let it grow out.  When I've done that
people have wanted to (and have) come up to rub my head.  (I admit, it
did feel very soft <G>) Nothing good luck there, though <G>.

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Padget, Scott R wrote:

> > people who walked up to me and immediately touched my hair.
> I keep hearing about this, and from multiple sources, so I must
accept that
> it not only exists but is not even terribly uncommon.  But...it is
> utterly alien I cannot comprehend the sort of person who would
> somebody's personal space in such a manner.  <shake head>