[LMB] Invitation to Ivan

VorpatrilIvan at aol.com VorpatrilIvan at aol.com
Sat, 02 Feb 2002 13:32:26 EST

Well Norah, you asked how I feel about small dogs.  As it was reported before, I have to admit a young animal of almost any kind made an excellent prop; I once noted the way Mile's wife's cool expression had softened as hed noodled with a furry little verminoid.

So, as long as it puts/keeps you in the mood....

I'll also check on prices for shuttles to Washington DC.  Since I'll be on duty at the embassy, I am not sure how much time I'll have for travel if the schedules aren't right.

Tell you what, I'll meet you on Valentines evening at 8 PM London time, on top of the Thames Flood wall.

With great love and respect.

Ivan Vorpatril