[LMB] OT: Anne Bishop

Khenta skyfire at t-online.de
Sat, 02 Feb 2002 17:24:28 -0800

Kiri Aradia Morgan schrieb:

>  There is just something about a cover that features lots of
> Celtic knotwork with a pretty blond girl in a long dress on a horse on
> it that SCREAMS "this is a book that Kiri will not like! 

Hm? I don't see any celtic knotwork. IMO the borderwork is
kind-of-fin-de-siecle-but-not-really [1]. There are blood-red blossoms
in it. And did you notice the stylized golden spiders in the bottom
side? While I don't care much about the actual illustration (except for
the white tiger - I have this thing about tigers in general and white
ones in particular), the overall design is just gorgeous, IMO. 

[1] I know there should be an accent grave in there; I omitted it

So what do you think about the other 2 covers?