[LMB] Bujold Band

Ase ase at wdn.com
Sun, 03 Feb 2002 12:55:55 -0500

D Echelbarger wrote:

>  > We don't really have any one Miles's size, but we do
> > have a guy, (HI SCOTT).
> Oh, we're talking Scott the Pilot here?  That expands the
>  possibilities *enormously* <VBG>
>  How 'bout the white-skinned, white-haired guy in the feathered
>  G-string from the recruiting scene in WA? <EG>

No, Scott the Pilot lives in Texas. This is Scott Hofmann, who would be
a little harder to persuade into a G-string, I think. *S*

Ase(Trying to imagine Scott H. in a G-string, and nearly falling out of
her chair laughing.)