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Kiri Aradia Morgan tiamat at tsoft.com
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 12:45:33 -0800 (PST)

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, Eric Oppen wrote:

> The understatement of the new millenium...*grin*
> A lot of times, when you feel hinky about a situation, it's your
> subconscious mind reacting to things that you aren't noticing with the main
> part of your consciousness...and it's usually a good idea to LISTEN TO that
> feeling.  People have told me that they can _tell,_ coming home, whether or
> not there's somebody else there, just from how the place feels...
> Listening to your feelings is a good idea.  I've read some stories (in _The
> Gift of Fear,_ for one...a good book in some ways, but desperately flawed in
> others IMNSHO) about people who were so incredibly clueless, the fact that
> they survived shows that Father Darwin can be merciful.  Personally, if _I_
> came home to find:
> A strange car sitting outside
> My cat (assuming that I had one) outside, when I had left her securely
> closed in
> The cat _refusing_ to go inside
> Lights on in the house that I would have _sworn_ I left off
> I would not only _not_ go in and go to bed, as this dingaling in _The Gift
> of Fear_ did...I wouldn't even go in at all, but would peel out and head
> straight for the police station to open my heart to them about it and let
> them send some of the people who know how to deal with burglars and break-in
> artists.

When I was 16, and my dad was in the Bahamas, I came home to find the door
unlocked and the lights on.  I knew I hadn't left the house that way, so I
had my friend who had driven me home take me someplace else to call the
cops.  When they came, we went inside.

My dad was a college professor, and all that we found was overturned
garbage and evidence that someone had been thru MY file cabinet, probably
looking for old tests.  I'm sure they were very disappointed to find
xeroxed copies of gaming materials with notes scribbled all over them and
Star Trek stories in longhand, but oh well.  Nothing of value had been
taken.  The cops were almost annoyed, but there was no way that I could
have known that whoever got into the house was only looking for an
opportunity to be obnoxious or steal tests.

I don't understand why ANYONE goes in a house that might have an unwelcome
stranger inside it, unless they're armed and they feel competent to deal
with anything or anyone they find.  As a 16 year old girl, I certainly did

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