[LMB] Military and Society (now OT:)

Bart Kemper bkemper at bigdogz.com
Sun, 03 Feb 2002 19:43:33 -0600

 > Subject: [LMB] Military and Society (now OT:) From: David Snyder

Mark Atwood wrote (regarding the
 >  military feeling it held values closer to those of the
 > Founders than does contemporary society):
 >> The fact that it's a problem doesnt stop it from being true.
 > I seriously doubt *any* persons currently serving in today's
 > military hold values close to those of Thomas Jefferson, at
 > least in terms of defense policies.  Otherwise, the response to
 >  9/11 would have been to embargo all trade and intercourse with
 >  Afghanistan.
 > --Dave Snyder

Ummmm...Dave.....I really wish you would not use such sweeping 
statements as "*any* persons currently serving in today's military," 
for about any topic.  There is wide range of opinions within the 
military that covers about every topic and every view, in my 
experience.  This is *especially* the case in defense policies.  I 
know you have cited some studies and have a very strong opinion, and 
I know having contradictory data from various members on the list 
does not automatically disqualify your opinions or those studies. 
However, I don't think these studies has current data on *every* 
military man and woman serving worldwide.

Further, in regards to the response to 9/11, the military has no say 
in embargos or other issues with a given country.  The only way 
there I could see this would be if there was a coup and the military 
somehow took control of all three branches (plus all the civilian 
firearms, etc.

I grant you, the military could be tasked to enforce such actions. 
Indeed, one of the first questions of a competent civilian leader 
would be to ask the military what resources would it take to enforce 
these actions, what would be the risks associated, and what the cost 
in manpower, funds, and diversion of resources from other missions 
would this cost.  However, regardless of anyone in the military's 
opinions, values, or beliefs, this is way outside of military