[LMB] Medieval fertility OT:

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> OTOH, there's the guy I knew in college who would walk up to
> every woman at any given party and ask, "Wanna f*ck?" 9 out
> of ten times, the response was no with varying degrees of
> fervor. The tenth time, the response was "Sure!" No one else
> had the (pardon the expression) balls to imitate him.... but
> it did seem to work.

-- that's very much in line with that college psych experiment I mentioned; 
in such situations, when flat-out propositioned, a large majority of men will 
say "yes" and a large majority of women will say "no".

There are, of course, still plenty of individual exceptions both ways.

Chaqun a son gout, of course; everyone is the best judge of their own 
interests and tastes.