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Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Mon, 04 Feb 2002 08:14:58 -0500

Mark Atwood wrote:
> Marna Nightingale <marna at redmaplegrove.org> writes:
> > David Snyder wrote:
> > > Mark Atwood wrote:
> > > > When political blinders and reality collide, it's not reality that
> > > > needs changing.
> > > Funny ... Tom Paine thought different.
> >
> > As do I, frequently.
> > Obdurate reality and social reality aren't the same kind of reality.
> One. If your social reality isn't directed by obdurate reality, at
> least let it be circumscribed by it, else you will end up as
> ridiculously dead as the Ghost Dancers, for the same reason.

Sure. But really, when was the last time you had a rousing argument about, say,

"Rock" or "tree" or "wall" is real. 

"Marriage" or "government" or "democracy" is another sort of real. 

NOT "unreal". But not the same kind of real.  

The differences matter. 

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