[LMB] Pacifism again (OT)

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Mon, 04 Feb 2002 11:41:14 -0500

Bart wrote:

>.did anyone else read the book (Fourth Reich?) in which 
>D-Day never happened, Joe Kennedy becomes president, and the whole 
>Holocaust was swept under the rug as part of an effort to put on a 
>"good" face to normalize relations with the US?

The book was called "Fatherland". Was made into an HBO movie in 1994, staring Rutger Hauer and Miranda Richardson.

The premise was that Germany had won the war, and thus the Holocaust and such were swept under the rug.

Strangely, a fascist germany 20 years post war, resembled communist East German of the same period. Secred Police, etc, and a high level of paranoia.

I've got a copy of the book, but I haven't gotten to reading it yet.

The movie was quite good.

Elizabeth, not just saying that because she likes Miranda Richardson