[LMB] OT: Marna's Test?

Christine L. Forber christine at forber.net
Mon, 04 Feb 2002 12:27:20 -0500

>> On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Christine L. Forber wrote:
>> > I absolutely hated that. Why does everyone assume that a pregnant woman
>> > won't mind her belly being touched? One fellow where I worked during my
>> > first pregnancy was especially bad. I took to rubbing his rather large
>> > and asking when he was due. I only had to do that twice (slow learner)
>> > before he quit!

At 11:10 AM 2/4/2002 -0600, Eric Oppen wrote:
>Now, if I had something sufficiently crushing to say to old ladies at the
>local McDonalds who take it upon themselves to scold me for having a few
>cookies, saying that I'm already overweight...oh, would that my Granma Alice
>(not my real grandmother, but the closest thing I had---more like a
>great-aunt, strictly speaking) were alive!  It's _permitted_ to box old
>ladies' ears if one is an even older lady, or so I am told.

Personally, I think that patting anyone's belly, be they pregnant or not, is 
wrong. So is commenting on someone's weight, again be they pregnant or not. 
One's weight is one's own problem and should not be a subject for comment by 

The only reason I resorted to that tactic with this one particular person is 
that I couldn't find any other way to get through to him how obnoxious it 
was. It didn't help that otherwise, I really liked him! Nice guy, just a big 
blind spot! Other female coworkers complained about the same thing when they 
were pregnant.