[LMB] armsmen as assistants (despoilered)

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04 Feb 2002 13:43:42 -0500

>>>>> "SS" == Shalom Septimus <druggist at pobox.com> writes:

 SS> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 18:37:51 -0500, Alan Barclay
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 >> Quoting Scott Raun (sraun at fireopal.org):
 >>> Where is there textev say that he retired from the University?  _I_
 >> ACC, page 2.
 >> "Georg Vorthys had been a professor of engineering failure analysis ...
 >> Neither of the professors Vorthys had seen any reason to change their
 >> comfortable lifestyle merely because the awesome powers of an Emperor's
 >> Voice had been confeerred upon the retired engineeer".

 SS> It says he's a retired engineer. It never says that he's a retired
 SS> professor.

 SS> Professors never retire, anyway, they just become professors emeritus.
 SS> There's always just one more class they need to teach, one more
 SS> project to finish, etc. I could very well see Vorthys staying on staff
 SS> and maintaining an office at the University, maybe not teaching any
 SS> classes himself, but perhaps appearing as guest lecturer in other
 SS> professors' classes. 

Not to mention the prestige that the University acquires by having one of their
professors be an Imperial Auditor. But I'll bet he's listed as an adjunct
professor (however, since he used to be a real full-time professor, they may
skip the adjunct designation, since that's usually used for these kinds of
temporary, part-time, or honorary appointments).


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