[LMB] romantic movies for the Bujold crowd OT:

Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Mon, 04 Feb 2002 15:48:40 -0500

Louann Miller wrote:

> > > Seconded. That boy's been weight training, I can tell.
> >
> > Possibly with a towel :->
> Hey, I remember when he was -really- skinny. First season Remington
> Steele. If it hadn't been for a teensy amount of baby fat (he was in his
> late twenties) you could've seen light through him.

Oh, ditto. I like them skinny, mind you, but he hasn't been overdoing it or
anything.  Just about right. I'd rather have HER back and arms, though. I used
to, before I got sick.  I can't lift weights anymore, and Sweet Lady, it do
show.  :-(

Seen Taffin? Speaking of When Our Pierce Was A Younger 'Un

(As for the towel: Louann, yer mind's too clean...  Kegels, hon, Kegels :-) 

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