[LMB] Stats for Jan 28 00:00 to Feb 4 00:00

Alan Barclay gorilla at elaine.furryape.com
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 18:04:18 -0500

bujoldstats for Jan 28 00:00 to Feb  4 00:00

Total of 1308 messages, with 264 unique subjects

Total of 752 OT: messages, with 141 unique subjects

Most popular subject lines:
Men's responsibilities (92 messages)
men's responsibilities... (64 messages)
Don't forget Ivan (57 messages)
Education (40 messages)
Medieval fertility, was How I choose what I read. (36 messages)

Top posters
JoatSimeon at aol.com (89)
Marna Nightingale <marna at redmaplegrove.org> (89)
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham <andrew at firehead.org> (71)
Mark Atwood <mra at pobox.com> (66)
Kiri Aradia Morgan <tiamat at tsoft.com> (59)

Poster of the longest message
David Snyder <oil.historian at verizon.net> with Military and Society  (263 lines)

Poster with the longest average message
Alex Borders <redrob at crossovers.net> (93 lines)

Poster with the most OT: messages
Marna Nightingale <marna at redmaplegrove.org> (67/89 75.28%)

Poster with the highest % OT: messages
"Divya" <divyasatyam at satyam.net.in> (6/6  100%)

Poster with the most not OT: messages
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham <andrew at firehead.org> (33/71 46.48%)

Poster with the highest % not OT: messages
"Dolores Fortino" <dfortino at gate.net> (8/8  100%)