[LMB] Re: Ivan's Visit

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 15:44:58 -0800 (PST)

Lord Ivan, Sashlik is marinated lamb or beef grilled over charcoal
with peppers, onions, pepper bacon and mushrooms, brushed often with
a honey/mustard/lemon sauce with just a bit of hot paprika. Served
still smoking from the grill on a bed of tender saffron rice with bits
of pepper bacon crumbled in it.

The other version of it is to take the ingredients and simmer them all
slowly together overnight and serve over rice with a garlic flat bread
on the side. We Hungarians learned to make both versions during the
Ottoman invasion from the Turks (but they eat it without the bacon.)

Basic home cooking that can be eaten when you are taking a break from
other activities you have a reputation for engaging in (and for which
there have been several list volunteers.)

Susan in Seattle