[LMB] Rabid Foaming Weasels OT:

Marna Nightingale marna at redmaplegrove.org
Mon, 04 Feb 2002 19:21:26 -0500

Eric Oppen wrote:
> One of the things that I like to attribute my current sweet, loving
> personality to *weg* is the way I always felt about this sort of nonsense
> when I was a child.  For some _strange_ reason, if it was something I Did
> NOT Want To Do, all of a sudden I was a big boy and not a baby...while, if
> it was something I _did_ want to do, all of a sudden I was way too little to
> do that.  I could deal with either situation, Big Boy or Helpless
> Infink...however, I did and do appreciate _consistency._

Lord and Lady, give me the strength to just DEAL WITH my kid being mad at me.
Without giving into the desire to mess with her head to make it stop. 

I owe my mother a HUGE one for that. I had to get gammaglobulin shots from age 6
- 11. Biweekly. 

Anyone ever had one?  Yes. OUCH. 

We had ONE talk about it. About why I needed them and what could happen if I
didn't get them and why, therefore, she was going to make me do it. Then we just
did it. And she did NOT apologise for what she had clearly done of her own free
will.  NOT tell me I had to lie it or agree to it. 

And then I got ice-cream and a new book, whether or NOT I'd been "good". (Good
being defined as not kicking or biting the doctor.) Just because she figured I
should get something for the indignity of it all. 


Marna Nightingale
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