[LMB] DI copy travels

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:07:41 -0800

Marna Nightingale wrote:
> > > Seeing the number of persons on your Northern California list, Robert,
> > > we are lucky this is an *unbound* galley...
> >
> > Well, yes, I was counting on that.
> Falsely, my friends. It is bound.  Bound, I tell you, BOUND! In a proper cover
> and everything.
> I suppose I could just make a photocopy and mail that.
> Marna, queen of the doublesided reduced reading stack.

OK...I can picture it...a rolling reading party, starting when the first
overnighters arrive...and then the next morning: "You Fell Asleep
reading, you FELL ASLEEP! You were supposed to wake me up so I could
read it, and now xxx has it and he bit me when I tried to take it away,
you made me miss my turn...ARGHHHH!!!"  Melee ensues.  the I picture
myself explaining to the police that the recent riot was over a book.

If you wish to xerox it, I can work with that too.  Only when the
circuit is done, it is to be disposed of respectfully, like a worn out

Robert Parks


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