[LMB] Re: Women in Combat

James W. Reynolds jwreynold at earthlink.net
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 18:51:21 -0500

Danielle N Hart wrote:
The biggest problem for me is that the ruck seems to be pushing me down,

> because it sits up on my shoulders.  Not so much that it's heavy, but
> awkward.  I have to have someone hold the ruck up for me to get it on
> without a huge trouble.  And it's always fun when I have to lie down with
> it on, and then  get back up with some small degree of grace and/or
> speed.

    Danielle, I have a question.  I'm not familiar with Marine/military
backpack designs (although I do have the experience of an  Boy Scout : made
it through Philmont.  The BSA hiking-adventure ranch in  northern New
Mexico, which was the gift of Wade Phillips, of Phillips Petroleum).
    Is it that the pack is too heavy, or is it that the design of the pack
itself is wrong for your needs?  I've used pack baskets and Kelty packs, and
the properties thereof are indeed different.  Where the load rides is
crucial, as is how the pack is loaded.
I am not questioning your experience, but trying to make my question cllear.

    Maybe the services need a different/better pack design?

    ***Jim Reynolds