[LMB] Women in combat (OT:)

Bart Kemper bkemper at bigdogz.com
Tue, 05 Feb 2002 18:25:19 -0600

Elizabeth McCoy wrote:

[Truth be told, so long as people don't use "Excluding the wimmin" as
a way to, well, make people feel inferior... I'd rather high standards.
And if some woman can meet the standards, well and good! And if not,
well... I dunno, National Guard? ]

Won't do you any good.  The active duty, Reserves, and National 
Guard all take the same PT test, train to the same standards, etc. 
The main difference is the Reserve Component forces (Reserve and 
Nat'l Guard) are allowed to train on their core missions, generally 
more technical in nature, than try to keep up with all the other 
tasks and items on the AC side.  However, PT tests, ht/weight/body 
fat, medical, etc. all the same across the board.  I will admit the 
RC side often has lower averages than the AC side and tends to be 
heavier...we're also not paid to do PT every day nor do we get 100% 
health care no matter how hard we abuse our bodies, not to mention 
the minor issue of having careers and responsibilities as demanding 
as the military's.

The annoying aspect is the active duty, and even civilians to some 
degree, have the idea of 'Reservists' as something like equipment on 
a shelf, or that we're working in McDonalds or something as single 
people without a care in the world.   Therefore, using Reserve 
forces is just a matter of making a phone call (true if you're the 
president) with no cost or loss to the Reservists, their families, 
their communities, or their day jobs. In fact, many Reservists take 
major paycuts compared to their civilian income and usually without 
any way to offset it. They serve ... to serve. We *are* ready and 
willing...just don't waste our time and it would be nice to get a 
little support other than a partial paycheck, such as a tax break 
for employers so they see some value in hiring RC people (because 
the military DOES pull a soldier more than just one weekend/month, 2 
weeks/year due to additional training, extended drills, mandatory 
education, etc.) as well as teeth in penalties for firing 
Reservists. The Feds are some of the worst supporting the RC.

ooops...how did I get up here on a soapbox..... winding down now....