[LMB] Imperial Auditors, what took the Vorkosigans so long?

David W. Levine dwl at panix.com
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 15:57:09 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Dave Klecha wrote:
> I'm wondering if the answer isn't there in the question.  You mention
> later wondering if Ezar deliberately snubbed Piotr on this count to keep
> him out of things that Ezar would rather keep secret.  Although this could
> be a fluid situation, shifting alliances and whatnot, there may be in
> there a tread of "loyalty to the Imperium" vice "loyalty to the Emperor."
> While Miles may not necessarily see a wide difference between the two,
> perhaps earlier Vorkosigans did?  Perhaps Gregor has made it easier to
> cause a dwindling of the difference, but might this have always been the
> case?

Hmm. It's pretty clear to me that Aral understands this. His image of the
possibility of everyone working to take down Serg certainly implies it.
It's also implicit in the fact that, Ezar must reason and argue Aral into
seeing the need to play his part in the Esocbar dance. If Aral was merely
loyal to Ezar, on a personal level, he'd do it because Ezar asked it of
him, or refuse it out of personal honor. In the end, Ezar must have
appealed to Aral's loyalty to the iperium, rather than the man. Nothing
less would suffice, one suspects. Of course, it's also subtly underpinning
Aral's desire to hand Gregor the Imperium, not merely the throne. He's
aware of the differences.

Given this, how could Miles not be aware of the multiplicity of loyalties
implicit in the Barayaran system? Personal Loyalty, as well as loyalty
to the system, flaws and all. He may not think of it very often, but, I
expect he was so deeply steeped in it growing up that it permates his very

- David