[LMB] Imperial Auditors: A Perspective

Susan Profit tinne at eskimo.com
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:14:32 -0800 (PST)

Mind this is based on a perspective of experience with small town
(less than 40,000 population) politics rather than on a global scale.

My husband was approached to serve on the Parks board because a. he
didn't run fast enough and b. he had worked on the community festival
for two years and impressed everybody by keeping out of factional
squabbles. The mayor approved his appointment due to his technical
experience since they needed to make some upgrades to the park

After serving on the board and with the festival for hears enhancing
his reputation for being task oriented and out of the factions (along
with me gaining a reputation for being detail oriented in both the
planning and working of the festival and a knowledge of native flora
and fauna), an opening came up on the planning commission.

The mayor asked the parks board to nominate one of their number to the
planning commission to enhance the awareness of both greenspaces and
use of variances (if you tear down that mature tree but make a park
of x square yards that includes three trees of certain varieties that
have a chance of eventually being as big as the one you take out, we
will let you build this thing) as the city began to grow rapidly.

The board excluded all but two of themselves due to schedule conflicts,
then of the remaining two offered Bill as a potential candidate.

They mayor approved the recommend because of his reputation as a
problem solver with an ability to explain complex ideas in a simple
way and thus defusing problems. His reputation for avoiding factions in a
very contentious town and a couple of examples of this ability have
rapidly made him someone who is respected on the board. Especially
since he doesn't want to be in charge and is very clear when the
subject comes up that he is in no way interested in running for ANY
office. EVER.

If the way an Auditor is chosen on Barrayar has anything to do with
this example from local politics, Gregor will first look at
individuals who are willing to be involved in the Imperium service.
He will probably ask the advice of people whose judgement he has come
to trust even though they do not always sit on the same side of
things to winnow the list down or in some cases to add a name or two.

He will then look at the skills of those who already are Auditors and
see what skills, what strengths, what weaknesses they have between
them. He will try to choose someone who comes closest to the what
is missing in both experience, personality, style of working and
appoint them.

In Miles, he is well aware of certain tendencies to rush in, but he
also has a quick mind, a perceptive way of looking at things, a way of
being adaptive to his environment, and a need to replace the Dendarii
Fleet with another activity that will scratch the itch in his sanity
and personal identity that they did.

Miles is not a perfect Auditor for all things, but in his probationary
stint he did well enough to prove he could indeed do the job with
sufficient delicacy and intelligence.

So, he is available, willing to work, has experience in things
Galactic, passed his probation, why not appoint him? Makes keeping an
eye on him easier, and until Gregor has an heir, keeping a close and
friendly relationship with his cousin is a good idea. Training him to
step into the shoes of regent for any of Gregor's children probably
comes in there somewhere too. What better training could there be but
as an Auditor or Prime Minister and there can only be one Prime
Minister but there can be up to nine Auditors.

Susan In Seattle