[LMB] Rabid Foaming Bus drivers (Yeah, ME!) OT:

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Wed, 06 Feb 2002 23:57:11 -0800

Marna Nightingale wrote:
> Mind you, as far as double-stops, probably 1/3 of the back doors of Ottawa
> busses stick. And in the winter, sometimes they don't open because of
> snowblockages.

> I DO expect the drivers (well, I think they should, I don't expect it) to CHECK
> that at some point people DID have some chance to get out. They have a mirror
> that shows them the door.

More or less.  I know I have unlocked the back door, if I am not dealing
with stuff up front, I will notice if someone actually uses it, but if
it is busy, "hmmm, door was unlocked, maybe they got off, maybe they
just like standing in the read stepwell, lets try closing the front door
and see if they freak out"
> If the door sticks, I yell really loudly and force it with my elbow, both of
> which are bad. But I have learned the hard way that if I do anything at all, I'm
> not getting off.

No problem with yelling and banging on the door.  That, at least, is
> And anyone who thinks I'm getting off 1/4 km from home when it's after dark and
> -20 has another think coming. I'll make a considerable fuss this time of year
> rather than miss my stop.

One sec here while the barbarian figures that out...hmmm...our stops are
MUCH closer together.
> I always do that, unless I get one of the thankfully rare smart*sses: "does this
> bus go to St Laurent Shopping Centre?" 
> "No"
> (Then after you've stepped back, and seven people have crowded past you)
> "It stops just outside of it, they won't let us in the mall."

I'll have to remember that.  I think I've added another phrase to my
standard answers (Yes, No, I don't know, What, I'll let you know): "More
or less" (for trally vague ?s).

If you want to get on my nerves, step up and ask a couple times if I go
somewhere "Yes" "Yes", ask me to call it out "OK" then come back up the
aisle a few times to ask the same question(s) "I'll let you know" then
ask the other passengers the same questions, and finally, when I do
announce your stop, don't pay attention and either get reminded by
another passenger, or miss the stop and get mad at me when I kick you
off at the end of the line.

Robert Parks


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