[LMB] Nudity in a social context (was: Rabid Foaming Weasels) OT:

Robert Parks rparks at lvhot.org
Thu, 07 Feb 2002 08:36:10 -0800

suegar wrote:

not referring to "you" in particular...
> This happened to me - cept the other way around. My boyfriend(1) and I went
> into a hotel room with a friend.  his mother (the friend's that is) was
> naked..  She said it was OK to come in.  She didn't seem to mind.  It was a
> two room suite, so she didn't have to be in the room.  I looked down and
> decided not to be embarrassed.  But, uhm, to me not only should you not be
> naked in front of strangers,  it is doubly not so to do in front of your
> adult children of the opposite sex.

It is impolite to be nude _out of context_ in front of strangers.  It is
impolite to be nude in front of your adult children if they mind (and
have communicated same).  It is doubly impolite to combine these.

Being nude and being naked are different things, and many people have
difficulty distinguishing the two.[2]

> The only other time I ended up in an ackward situation due to nakedness was
> involving a hot tub at a con. I was dressed, but the guys weren't.  I am so
> glad I'd taken my contacts out and failed to bring my glasses along. I can't
> see the end of my nose without one or the other, so I was able to greet the
> naked guys with a straight face the next day.

And they would have been clueless the next day why you were making an
issue of it.  I'm not militant nudist, I have no desire to go nude in SF
(other than at home) besides it is too cold, it is out of context and
there are lots of people who will freak out.  Minimal coverage appears
to be OK if you are exercising, at the park or in the Castro[1].

But out at the hot springs, it is a different matter.  The context there
is clothing optional, and if you are uncomfortable, there is Whitmore
Pool (warm swimming pool, chlorine, coke machine, lifeguard) and Hot
Creek (hot upwelling in cold stream, changing rooms) both are clothing
required[3] within a mile or so.  Some people do wear clothes[5], which
is fine, and some people won't go in if there are nude people in the
springs, which is also fine[6].  Every now and then someone asks us to
put clothes on and is politely refered to Whitmore and Hot Creek, about
as often someone will come up and state they are having an attack of the
shy's and they are usually accomodated, if it isn't busy.
Robert Parks

[1] Baker Beach is nude, I've got to get one of those signs "Clothing
optional beyond this point - City and County of San Francisco"

[2] For me, some clothes is sexier than no clothes

[3] OK, when the road is snowed in/closed, Hot Creek instantly becomes
clothing optional[4]

[4] Partly because you don't get cold if you are NOT wearing clothes. 
You can dry off way faster than your body cools down.

[5] usually younger Americans

[6] sometimes waiting for hours for us to get out.

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