[LMB] Men, women, etc.--veering ON topic!

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 11:39:14 -0600

> Well, dear, I would LOVE to hit on more men.  
<snip description of consequences of misjudging a royal jerk-boy>

And I'd rather prefer to get hit on than make the first move, myself.  But I
understand the female reluctance, for the reasons Kiri stated and others.
So I'm thinking maybe I should wear a sign that says "shy but
amenable--approach me and I will at minimum be polite and treat you
decently".  But I'd really rather come up with something more subtle.

And recalled the old "left ear pierced = straight, right ear = gay" code,
which has been supplemented/supplanted these days by various forms of
rainbow pride jewelry.  And I have idly wondered for several months now if
there might already exist some sort of analogous symbol for gay-friendly
straights.  And then I got to thinking....

Anyone ready for a fresh round of Betan Earring Code?

Pilot Padget--looking for a "straight, gay-friendly, poly neo, shy but
approachable" stud.  Umm, earring.