[LMB] OT: Going no mail

Michael R N Dolbear m.dolbear at lineone.net
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 22:44:26 -0000

> From: Mark A Mandel <mam at theworld.com>
> Subject: RE: [LMB] OT: Going no mail
> Date: 07 February 2002 04:13

> For my future reference, is there a way to manipulate one's subscription
> WITHOUT using the WWW? I have a slow dialup connection -- well, it's
> nominal 57600 or so (=28.8 kB oneway?), but it's slow and unstable for
> Web use, so I use a text-only TTY emulator for email and newsgroups.

to "manipulate" send commands to lois-bujold-request at lists.herald.co.uk

help ........ results in full instructions

set nomail on <your password> ........ does what you request.

(this was in the joining info, and every list email has in the headers

List-Help: <mailto:lois-bujold-request at lists.herald.co.uk?subject=help> )

Little Egret