[LMB] OT: Red Bull was Commercials as cultural artifacts

Martin Bonham mjdb at internet.co.nz
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 13:57:07 +1300

In a post included in Digest 1:274 Diane wrote in part
> I suspect most US listfolk don't know they show commercials before
> movies in the UK?  I certainly didn't.

They do here in NZ also - First TV style Commercials then Movie 
Trailers, then the main movie.

> Well, they do.  And one of them had a cartoon man, ah, "annoited" by a
> seagull. Whereupon the man chugged a Very Large Can Of Lager (brand
> name long forgotten), flapped his arms, flew over the bird, and <ahem>
> returned the favor.

Personally I have never tried the stuff but it is actually one 
of those Yuppie 'energy' drink not alcohol - Red Bull - heavily 
advertised as 
"Red Bull - the energy drink that gives you wiiings! "

>It was amusing, but a bit startling, as that sort of thing 
>would *never* be shown over here....

Well this one is available in 'QuickTime' format thanks to the 
wonders of the internet along with a number of the other adverts 
for this product

The "Pigeon" one is on page five.
Note that it is a pigeon not a seagull.

For another Perspective  
"Concerns have again been raised about the energy drink, Red 
Bull, after the deaths of three people in Sweden, all of whom 
had drunk it just before they died. This follows deaths in 
Europe and America linked, though without proof, with Red Bull. 
As Bob Chaundy of the BBC's News Profiles Unit explains, despite 
these health scares, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. 
It is banned in France, classified as a medicine in Norway and, 
until recently was only available in pharmacies in Japan. Yet, 
Red Bull, the drink that "gives you wings" sold more than a 
billion cans last year across 50 countries. "
{PRIVATE}{PRIVATE "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Red Bull being drunk in a club"}
"Red Bull's energy is derived from a mixture of caffeine, 
vitamins, carbohydrates and taurine, an amino acid that jump-
starts the body's metabolism. "


Martin Bonham, Auckland, (Aotearoa) New Zealand.