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Kiri Aradia Morgan tiamat at tsoft.com
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 17:07:57 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Marna Nightingale wrote:

> Eric Oppen wrote:
> > This guy sounds like feminism's Exhibit A through Zed...and the sort the
> > rest of us resent because _we_ have to deal with a lot of the emotional and
> > other fallout from their nitwit activities.
> No, see that's the thing: the OAFB is probably 9/10 on Theoretical Feminism,
> somewhere between 5/10 and 7/10 on actual feminism, depending on the day.
> But he's 1/10 on Clue and -5/10 on Empathy. 
> It would not offend HIM. He has no body modesty. None. He's used to Pagan
> festivals, where everyone is naked a lot. HIS mother used to be a Hippie, now
> she's a NewAger, SHE doesn't much care about these things;I've been swimming
> naked with his mother. 

I used to have a friend like this.  She was in her 60s, she was a hippie,
she was a Pagan, she thought I was incredibly stuffy, and it eventually
ended our friendship.

> Therefore, it shouldn't offend anyone.  It's not like he was DOING anything.
> Just making coffee ... and he DID offer her some. 
> And anyone it offends is clearly in need of Getting Hip. Which is a public
> service, in his world: people SHOULD not be weird about bodies. Thus, he will
> Make It So. 


OK, it just absolutely offends me beyond belief when someone decides that
some attitude of mine is unHip, Weird, or repressed and they're going to
fix it for me whether I want them to or not.

This is part of why I'm not really part of the poly community up here in
Northern California.  It's not that I have anything against public nudity.
I went to the pool parties, I prefer to swim naked, but then I noticed
they turned into what was referred to as "amoebas" or "puppy piles."  I
know that's not the same as having sex.  But still.

I have this thing about requiring a certain amount of personal space when
I'm naked.  I do not like to be hugged or leaned on by strangers when I
have my clothes ON; when I am naked it is Right Out.  I hate people
who refuse to shake hands on first introduction and shout "I'm a hugger!"
That's *their* problem, not mine.

(I also have this problem with American men in general and their body
language.  I do not like it when someone decides to express his attraction
to me by interposing his body between me and everyone else that I'm
talking to, or leaning on my shoulder.  Asian men don't do this and if
anyone wants to know why I have had more Asian boyfriends, it's because
the way they express sexual attraction doesn't send me screaming off into 
the sunset.)

The fight that began the end of my friendship with S was when she decided
I should give someone a naked picture of myself.  My repertoire of
behavior doesn't include giving naked pictures of myself to my lovers, let
alone my friends or acquaintances.  You never know where they'll end up
after a breakup; the one person to whom I gave lingerie pix of myself
refused to return them during the divorce, even though I told him he
wouldn't get the hugely expensive family heirloom engagement ring back
unless he did.  (I still have it.) 

Sputtering, the best response I could come up to for this was, "Um, I
don't think Hiroshi would like that."  (Hiroshi being the BF at that

She proceeded to screech at me that Hiroshi didn't own me or my body.  I
think she missed the point.

> He means well. he does. But Mein Gott.  My mother wanted to know if he
> was on anti-psychotics.

And I can understand her POV, even though I'm a lot younger than her!

Kiri  ^_^

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