[LMB] Vorkosiverse YA and children's books

D Echelbarger diane at dendarii.com
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 21:14:51 -0600

I said:
> >  The (many) series I'm referring to tended to have
> > protagonists in their early-teens... 12-
> > 15, or thereabouts.

Andrew mentioned:
> I have 2 books from "Boy Scouts of the Eagle Patrol", "Tom Swift and
> Electric Gun" and "The Radio Boys First Wireless", with all the ads
> the back for similar books.

Yeah! The "Boy Scouts..." and "Radio Boys..." stories are the
guy-types.  IIRC, there was a series called "The Liberty Girls..." or
some such that I picked up at one point (wonder when and *why* I gave
it away?) among many similar titles.

I really should start collecting series like this. You see 'em in
antique stores around here all the time....

But to drag this back on topic, I envision the Koudelka Girls series
going something like this:

The Koudelka Girls
The Koudelka Girls at Bonsanklar Beach
The Koudelka Girls Visit the Imperial Residence
The Koudelka Girls at Judo Camp
The Koudelka Girls and the Secret of Vorkosigan House
The Koudelka Girls and the Lost Pony
The Koudelka Girls and the Guerrilla Caverns

etc... getting steadily less 'nice safe girl story' and more 'real
adventure story' as the series goes on.  Anybody want to add a title?

Diane E