[LMB] (no subject) OT:

Stephen Nelson snelson134 at charter.net
Thu, 07 Feb 2002 21:52:12 -0600

It took just one episode of the Fuzzy attempting to share
her kill with the pack leader to convince her that it was a
Bad Idea:

Open my eyes in the dim grey light of 5:00 in the morning to
see, about 2 inches from my nose, a throughly-killed, mostly
dead, still twitching cockroach....

Behind the cockroach, there is Fuzzy, sitting there on the
bed and looking so pleased with herself...

"Look, pack leader, at the kill I'm sharing! Aren't you
happy? <cock head> You're levitating to the ceiling! Did I
do Something Wrong?"

Steve, who has a serious dislike of cockroaches, whatever
state they're in.

Mark Atwood wrote:
> says 'I Love You' like having a dead mouse delivered to your pillow
> at 2am".
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