[LMB] Best One-Liners

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Fri, 08 Feb 2002 04:01:28 +0000

Dan Tilque gave these two snippets, saying they don't so 
much shed new light on Ivan's character as they 
epitomize him:

> "Can I go behind the bushes and throw up now?"
> "No. Quite thinking like a subordinate."
> "Do you consider yourself an innocent bystander?"
> "God knows I try to be."

I notice these are both from _Memory._ The book in which 
Ivan stopped acting like a hormone in a uniform. Hmmm. 
There be an on-topic thread in there somewhere...

OK, Ivan's not all the way to the finish line *yet*. But 
I would posit that in _Memory_, the combination of the 
promotion to captain (a big deal that wasn't necessarily 
given) and the fact that Miles needed him and either 
could not or would not ask wrought serious changes on 
Our Boy.

Thoughts, questions, comments?


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