[LMB] OT: An Old-Fashioned Grrl or two...

Eric Oppen oppen at cnsinternet.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 09:06:12 -0600

> Marna wrote:
> <<(I'm still getting over seeing a bunch of them on the
> <<stepparenting NG defending one of their number who
> <<had forbidden her 12 year old SD to call a male
> <<classmate for the homework, because "calling boys
> <<makes you cheap".
> I have still failed to understand how any behavior could
> make anyone cheap unless they were for sale in the first
> place.  (Forex, cheap politicians I can understand)

And what is _wrong_ with being For Sale at the right price, anyway (asks the
list's lonely Jacksonian-manque)?  Personally, I like the free market far
more than I do the typical male-female interaction; even dealing with my
tenants is often preferable to having to put up with what I've had to from
girlfriend-types.  (And, if you remember what I've had to say about being a
landlord, that ought to tell you something right there).

Looking back, I would rather have spent the money I've thrown away on women
who apparently couldn't make up their minds about Certain Things in Madame
Xaviera's House of Instant Happiness...or drunk it at the nearest gin-mill,
or, if I was karmically _fated_ to waste it, gambled it or thrown it down a
rathole.  Add in the time I've ended up wasting, and you have a Major Sore
Spot for me.  As I like to tell people, I'm a quarter Scottish by ancestry
(don't know much about it; my Scots granny never liked to talk about
Scotland; she usually referred to it as "yon bluidy hellhole."  She
apparently came from a town dominated by something called something like the
We-Freeze, which is sort of a tartan Taliban) and, as a quarter Scots, I
have a _right_ to be tightfisted sometimes.

This is also where my crack to the effect that my name is _not_ Lyndon
Baines Johnson and I'm not interested in running my own private welfare
state come from.