[LMB] Corruption of Texas Boyz [OT:]

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham andrew at firehead.org
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 11:39:09 -0600

On Friday, February 8, 2002, at 10:17 AM, Padget, Scott R wrote:
>> if we do ever end
>> up in Vermont, my dad went to college with Jerry,
> Ooh--Ice Cream!  (So would that be before or after visiting the 
> courthouse?
> <weg>)

It would have to be after, since otherwise you wouldn't qualify for 
domestic partner status, and be harder to explain why I'm bringing you 

> <serious moment>
> It's not about "not getting jealous".  It's about "not doing stupidly
> destructive things because of it".  *Feelings* happen when they happen.
> *Actions* can be controlled.

Ooh...  Wisdom...

> There.  Poly Lesson Of The Day.  (Yeah, like *I* know enough to teach 
> this
> stuff....)
<plaintive voice>
Will we be tested on this?
</plaintive voice>

> </serious moment>
> Considering candidate Unnatural Acts:
>> Can you two-step?
> No, but I can be taught.  Especially if there's glitter involved.  :-)  
> I'd
> think, though, that a tango would be much more satisfyingly Brazenly
> Unnatural.  <shopping list...tango music, roll-on glitter, two 
> long-stemmed
> roses--can't tango without roses, after all--anything else?>

It's easy to teach, although I don't have any glitter, and I don't know 
if it really fits me.
It's also the one dance I know well enough to be confidant in, although 
the waltz is getting there.  The class is just barely starting Swing, so 
the odds of me being able to Tango are pretty low if you show up any 
time soon.

>> We could even get a video camera involved, if need be.
> Suits.  Y'know, this might serve double duty--the video record could 
> make
> you draft-proof!

Of course, if I was ever in danger of being drafted I'd be enlisting, 
but it's a useful thing nonetheless.

> Pilot Padget--rapidly descending into silliness

Andrew - already there.