[LMB] Re: Lois-Bujold digest, Vol 1 #290 - 20 msgs

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Fri, 8 Feb 2002 15:04:38 EST

Mark Atwood <mra at pobox.com>
>> Pooh. <Thrusts out lower lip. Crosses ankles. Tosses hair back
>> from eyebrows with a head shake, but does NOT bring hand to
>> brow. Shoulders remain level. >

>And the translation of this is?

I dunno, I speak it in pidgen -- but hair toss without hand
reinforcement seems to convey an emphasis while toss-and-hand
adjustment means "My hair is bothering my face"  UNLESS the
shoulders cock back thrusting the sterum (and other parts)
forward which, hair-hand-and-shoulders means "I'm flirting more
than I'm disagreeing, continue to amuse me" .  Lip thrust is
like "pooh"  

Maybe the women will do better?