[LMB] Uh, oh--Pilot's Ranting Again... [OT:]

Meg Justus megj at nwlink.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 13:26:31 -0800

Pilot said:
> Maybe.  I'm still just armwaving about all this.  And I *did* say that all
> my casual flinging about of traditional gender roles in that argument was
> gonna trip me up, didn't I?

Yes, you did. Did you enjoy the journey?

> And that *particular* subtlety isn't a generic women's-language subtlety,
> it's a List In-Joke.  And verbal.  And a Marna Thing.  All of which make
> much higher visibility for me.

But it's *exactly* the kind of thing that would have tripped me up had it
not happened on email, where I could read it, rather than in person, where
it would have flown right by me.

And Heather wrote:

> I learned later
that most of the kids assumed I was a snob because I wouldn't
hear them say "Hi" or see them wave--I just walked on by.

But, but, but...  I *just* had a co-worker complain to me that she saw me in
the bookstore on my lunch hour (I work in a library -- yes, it was a
busman's holiday, one I take frequently) , where she waved and otherwise
tried to get my attention.  I apparently was oblivious, because not only did
I not respond, but I don't even remember *hearing* anything.

Nine years ago I was hired as the first ever reference librarian in a small
town in Montana, where the occasion demanded that I be interviewed for the
local newspaper and my picture put on the front page.  Gods know how many
people who were just trying to be friendly I offended there, but I know for
sure of at least half a dozen, because they told me so.

then she added:
>OB: Miles spent a lot of his early childhood in bed or in hospitals.
While I know he played a bit with Ivan, Gregor, and the Koudelka
girls, I'm under the impression that he spent a lot more time with
adults than most kids. Does anyone else think this might have
skewed his cue reading, not to mention his relationships with
supposed authority figures?

*There's* my excuse!!!  I spent most of my childhood with adults rather than
children, too.  Maybe that's why I empathize with Miles so much.  Scary.

who is always reassured to find out that the set of female cluelessness is
not equal to 1