[LMB] Imperial Auditors, what took the Vorkosigans so long?

Paula A Matuszek matusp00 at mh.us.sbphrd.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 17:29:52 -0500 (EST)

--- Royce Day <Royce_Day at choicehotels.com> wrote:
> This came up during an off-list discussion with DianeE.  In _Memory_,
> Aral notes that Miles is the first Vorkosigan to ever be assigned to
> the post of Imperial Auditor [...]
> The question I propose is: Why?  

Maybe Piotr didn't WANT to be an auditor?  The auditor's role seems to 
pretty much come down to "figure out what's going on with this mess and 
how to deal with it".  Piotr strikes me as more likely to be someone 
_causing_ messes :-).  

In fact, it's interesting that Miles likes the auditor role; it seems 
very different from his role with the Dendarii.  What talents do the 
two roles share?  What is he good at that just doesn't come up as 

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