[LMB] Very OT: young Listies (was Women hitting on men.)

Danielle N Hart russianfox_b5 at juno.com
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 22:19:10 -0700

>>So anyway, I was wondering if there are any listies at all near my age,

or am I the youngest, at least of the posters?  I am  3 months shy of 
19, and I know there are some other College students, but do not know if 
they are Freshmen, etc.  I have not observed anyone being a high school 

 I am almost 23, and obviously I skipped the college part.  I'm trying to
fund my college days before I go to college. 
 Not the only reason I joined up, but I won't lie, it WAS a reason...
However, I think we are among the younger section of the list.

 Although we do need an Austin get together (calling Rusty....)