[LMB] FILK: Comment Call: When I was a lad.

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You need to write an operetta for a con where Lois is GoH! Then give it to 
the concom --- they'll eat it up! And give me advance notice so I can go.

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>Subject: [LMB] FILK: Comment Call: When I was a lad.
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>Well, last time I posted my filks I don't recall getting any responses
>on the content, only a quick thread drift on songs and music.  So I'll
>post all my completed filks again so if there's anything amiss it has a
>chance to be caught before I get them posted to the archive. They'll be
>done each on an email to make it easier to stay on each one at a time.
>Incidentally, one of these hasn't been posted before, so I'll put it
>When I was a Lad (Miles)
>From H.M.S. Pinafore by Gilbert & Sulivan
>When I was a lad I served a term,
>as office boy to Simeon Illyan's firm,
>I checked the weather and I served the Vor,
>and I got involved in a mercenary war...
>	I got involved; became such a star,
>	that now I am an Auditor of Barrayar
>He got involved; became such a star,
>that now he is an Auditor of Barrayar
>As an office boy I did so well
>That they gave me the post of Admiral
>I planned the missions with a sense of dash,
>And carried them out with a ton of panache.
>	I carried them out by stars so far,
>	That now I am an Auditor of Barrayar
>He carried them out, etc.
>In serving Gregor I made such a name
>That another person I had became;  // be-kame :-)
>My grandmother's name is by what I was know,
>Miles Naismith, the Jacksonian clone.
>	That cover story I took too far,
>	Yet I still became an Auditor of Barrayar!
>That cover story, etc.
>At investigations I acquired such a grip
>That they granted me an Auditorship.
>And that Auditorship I didn't shun,
>As I went on through the rest of that investigation.
>	The investigation I took so far,
>	That now I am an Auditor of Barrayar!
>This investigation, etc.
>I did so well that I was meant
>By the Emperor to become permanent.
>I always answered my nation's call,
>To Komarr I went to investigate all.
>	To investigate all I hit Komarr,
>	In my duties as an Auditor of Barrayar!
>To investigate all, etc.
>Now Barrayans all, whoever you may be,
>If you want to rise near the top of the tree,
>If your mind isn't stuck as an evil tool,
>Be careful to be guided by this golden rule--
>	Stick close to yourself and be true to who you are,
>	And you all may be Auditors of Barrayar!
>CHORUS.--Stick close, etc.
>Comments anyone?
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