[LMB] OT: List traffic explosion

Mark A Mandel mam at theworld.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 19:21:02 -0500

On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Jim Parish wrote:

#Michael Bauminger signed himself:
#> ~Michael
#Which prompted a query from Andrew Lambdin-Abraham:
#> Hmm, are you saying "approximately Michael"?  I've always used a ~
#> to signify "more or less".
#Hunh. That is a common use, but in this context - preceding one thing,
#not between two - it most often means "not". Maybe we have an
#impostor here, folks!

Or maybe we have someone whose ISP prefixes a tilde to usernames to name
Website directories. My home page is

-- Mark A. Mandel