[LMB] DI copy travels

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:03:10 -0600

I whine about being bumped off the Andrew Project, and Her Evilness
> 1)  You snoozed. You loozed.  Foot of the line. :-)

But, but, I met the boy *once*!  In a public place, with a hard and fast
1-hour time limit!  And I had to work within the constraints of a meal!

And I wasn't properly motivated, either.  Nobody had told me about the food
processor option yet!

> 2)  Andrew is, umm, four and a half years older than your eldest child.
I'm all
for corruption, but this manages to shock even me. 

WOO-HOO!  I did it!  <victory dance>  I shocked Marna!!  Yay!  *poing*
*poing*  *poing*

(Besides, it's *five* and a half.  Matthew's 11, Daniel's 13+.)

> Besides -- I know you. You'd
> take the boy out to dinner and spend the evening gving him Useful Advice
> Life. 

Erm....  Okay, point conceded.  <sigh>

> 3) If Ian comes to Texas, I, of course, come to Texas. What about me? What
> MY needs?

<perk>  Okay!  Hadn't thought about it thataway!  I rescind all
objections.... <g>

> I suppose I could keep busy somehow, mind you

I'm sure you could :-) but I'd be perfectly happy to help keep you
entertained (CD player in the car, long Texas highways, you with no driver's
license.  I see chauffeur duty in my future.  Chauffeur duty with Subversive
Canadian Music!)

> Or I could track down the Beautiful Black-haired
> War Toy and see if I can corrupt her 

Can we coordinate schedules so that I get Ian then?  (Both of you in the
area and neither with me--now *that* would really stink.)

> *I* however, will expect a food processor, as Perverse Baba.  

Well yes, of course *you* get prize points, regardless of who corrupts whom.

> Ah, I see -- "we already KNOW what you are and now we're haggling"? 

Well, yes, I kinda thought that was the going-in position--Will Do Anything
For Book was how this all started, right?

> so, you two, tell me again how shy and
> retiring you both are? 

I don't suppose I could get away with claiming that I'm WAY different on
list than in person?  <considering>  I mean, in person and not made hyper by

I didn't think so.  (But it's *true*!)

Louann, you've seen me in Marna-free social situations.  Help me out here?

Pilot Padget--maybe a wee bit less shy than he used to be....