OT: Re: [LMB] Weekend Elissa Report

Padget, Scott R scott.r.padget at boeing.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 12:18:33 -0600

> saw the exciting cinematic drama "Synthetic Line Snapback" (courtesy of
> US Navy Training Office--yawn).  

> OI! Assuming they mean what I mean by snapback, i.e., what happens when an
> under pressure cuts loose...
> OI! I says. 
> I find the topic... riveting, myself.  DEEPLY riveting. 

Well, yes, the TOPIC is essential.  But the US Navy Training Office can even
make a film with *that* level of gore and mangled bodies into something

Which is not to say I don't take it seriously.  I have *every* intention of
finishing sailing season with all my body parts intact, thank you very much.

Pilot Padget--amused by the disclaimer at the end:  "No actual sailors were
harmed in the making of this film"