[LMB] LMB science in real life

Claudia Muir claudia at bookcase.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:55:17 +0100

Casey Allison wrote:

>But seriously... Maternity leave, as I understand
>it, is simply a granted period of time, IOW not
>necessarily only pre-birth.

That very much depends on in which country you live -- in Germany, 
maternity leave is six weeks prior to your due date and your employer would 
do something illegal if you were to keep on working.  An additional six 
weeks postnatal (eight, if you had medical problems) -- all with full pay, 
of course.  Then there is the so-called "Parents' Time" which both parents 
can take for a time up to three years.  No pay but you have dismissal 
protection (and some other benefits which would take too long to explain 

So -- I can see that the medical-based maternity leave would not be granted 
any longer on the grounds that the medical condition is no longer a 
factor.  However, the Parents' Time would still be enforced.  At least, in 

Claudia -- who doesn't get either because she's self-employed... ;-(