[LMB] Request Help With RTFM OT:

Patricia A. Swan zafaran at sff.net
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 15:31:40 -0500

At 10:42 AM 2/8/2002 -0800, Casey Allison wrote:
>    I have a help request to make, since I've noticed
>several recent refs about Manuals from both sides of
>the page (readers of and writers of, that is). I'm
>currently attempting to self-study Excel 2000, using
>Greg Harvey's "For Dummies" book, and am going totally
>mind-numb with it. Not only is it dull subject matter,
>but the book's so drearily written. Can anyone suggest
>a better/faster/more engaging substitute?
>   ~~ Casey A.

Oh, you poor *baby*.  I would never inflict a "Dummies" series book on 
my worst enemy. I do *highly* recommend Alpha Books "Complete Idiots 
Guides".  They are simplified, yes, but they have a much nicer attitude 
than the dummies have.  {I've found that the dummies books tend to be 
snarky and snide as well as having gaps in what they are covering.}

I really liked "Idiots" overview of Office 97, and the version for 
Office 2000 should be just as good.  And I'm saying this from the 
viewpoint of tech-support-geek who was dealing with folks who knew 
nothing about computers and word processing or spreadsheets.  They'd 
come up with questions that I didn't know the answer too and I'd grab 
my copy of "Idiots" and look up what I need to know.  I've also used it 
to personally learn things like Unix.

Pat in North Carolina
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