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Elizabeth McCoy emccoy at nh.ultranet.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:44:10 -0500

At 5:18 PM -0500 2/7/02, Alexandra Haropulos wrote:
>Laura Gallagher wrote:
>[story about communicating in cat]
>Urgent requests for immediate attention [...] are likely to be preceeded
>with a loud, indignant "Yow!"

And this home's standard greeting _and_ interrogative is best written as
"prrt!" or "prrt?" Likewise "Murrr" or "Murrrr?"

Well, the toddler doesn't do those yet. Much...


Though just today, after putting a box in the car (for mailing), while
she was playing in the living room, I came back and there was silence and
no baby in sight. So I said, "Murr?" a couple of times, and a moment later,
there was the happy toddler cry of "Murr! MUR!"

So I guess I'm teaching her "cat"...

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