[LMB] Get that DI ARC! eBay tips from a pro!

House of Unruly Fish carosue at centurytel.net
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:24:01 -0700

Hi all!

One odd cell of the list mind popping up here.  It belatedly occurred to me
that not everyone has been swimming in the eBay for years, and things I
regard as common knowledge might not be.  So here are some ideas for
success in getting a DI ARC.

1.  Don't rely solely on eBay's search and email function to keep informed
about what's available.  It only cycles once a day, and it's one of the
functions put on hold if they get too busy.

2.  We have already seen two ARCs with a Buy It Now price.  Some future
sellers may not bother to do their research and may put up more with very
cheap BINs.  If you see one, GRAB IT if the price is low!  Don't bid
instead--that permanently removes the Buy It Now function from that
auction.  Then you will be faced with competition.

3.  It is possible to search by auction title alone, OR by title plus
auction description.  
EBay tries to update its records for searching every 6-10 hours, but this
does not always happen.  At this time, it appears that the "Title only"
function is being refreshed much faster than the larger title/description.  

I suggest people hoping to hit lucky on a newly listed BIN auction search
the title only first.  Do this several times a day.  If it doesn't return
anything new, THEN click the box for doing the bigger search.

Personally, if I get lucky and find an ARC, I will buy it, but I would also
circulate it, because I'm not a collector, and will actually prefer the
hardback for the long reading haul.  Good luck to all out there in the hunt!

Susan the Neon Nurse

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