[LMB] OT: List traffic explosion

Casey Allison cameramom00 at yahoo.com
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 08:14:06 -0800 (PST)

--- Michael Bauminger <mikebomb at myrealbox.com> wrote:

> I wanted to thank those of you - <snip us'n>

   You're welcome, Michael. I wish we'd come up with
the Perfect Solution--for you, as well as others with
a similar problem, since I will probably soon join
that crowd!--but I haven't given up... yet... <G>

> I ... telecommute (work at home). 

   Lucky you! I badly wanted to do that with my last
job, as my daily travel was 90 miles R/T; wouldn't
have been practical *all* of the time, but even one
day a week would have eased the commute burden. But my
employer had Issues with security considerations (What
if someone hacked my home PC and back-doored
themselves into our system? and yada/yada/yada) all
the way up til the day they downsized me out of my job
*using the precise, exact, 100% same technology* that
they refused to let me use!!!!! "Dratsabs," my
friends, doesn't *even* cover it.

> When ... and if I am caught up, I usually have
enough time to read each day's traffic that day,
excepting from Friday sundown to an hour after sundown
Saturday, when I cannot compute ... <

   Ah. Drat. In that case, you could not even go with
the "print now, read later" method, since you are
constrained from even turning pages, yes? Even if your
actual printing was completed before sundown? 

> When I have to spend every second on the computer
working, I cannot read 100+ posts each day. I still do
not know what I am going to do. <

   Sublet part of your work out? Buy a second monitor
and run work/play side by side (Lemme see... foot
pedal for scroll-control...)? Learn to read in your

   C'mon, ListMind.... let's get *creative* here! <G>

~ Casey (It's my tilde and I'm stickin' to it.)

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