[LMB] OT: jullienne fries

James W. Reynolds jwreynold at earthlink.net
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:06:55 -0500

Amy Sikes Haskins wrote:

> "Christine L. Forber" said:
> >
> > There was an ad on North American tv MANY years ago (70s?)
> for some gadget.
> > The announcer said, in a horribly spunky voice, "It slices,
> > it dices, it
> > even jullienes". It turned into a catch all phrase for
> > something that seemed
> > to do everything.
> Heh.  I can't believe no one has mentioned one of my favorite
> SNL sketches (or if someone did, it went flying by me): the
> Bass-O-Matic.  (Second only to Landshark in my book as hilarious
> sketches go.)  Picture bass parts being stuffed into
> blenders....

    And for all you GURPS IOU fen, the Po-Peil Artifact-a gadget that
opens into a mediocre fishing rig.  It also has a complete set of
planetary terraforming peripherals, at no extra charge!  (Well, it's no
good without a plac to fish, is it?)

    ***Jim reynolds